Let’s face it, in this day and age having wireless internet is not an amenity; it’s a requirement. Personally, I expect every vacation rental visit to have wireless internet, it’s a staple of any residence. When the internet at my vacation rental goes down, I hear about it from guests almost immediately and there’s rarely patience for me to get the internet back up and working, guests want it back up immediately. I’ve spent many an evening and morning at my property troubleshooting non-functioning internet and after many years of having to run down to a property just to reboot or troubleshoot internet issues, I’ve settled on what I consider to be the best solution for wireless internet.  

I will note that I have received absolutely nothing for this review from anyone.  I didn’t even get a free product to use, I paid for it all myself and in my trials and tribulations and going through a number of different wireless router systems, I found the one that gives me the most options for the least headache. Without further ado, our pick for wireless router is, hands down, Google wifi. Here’s what makes their system our top pick.

  • Great remote monitoring features. Google wifi lets you keep track of what’s going on with your Google Wifi network including the ability to see devices on the network.
  • Alerts when the network is down. It will send you an alert when the internet goes down allowing you to address the issue before guests even notice themselves.
  • Great technical support. Any time I’ve had issues and needed support they were super responsive and helpful. I also didn’t need to wait on hold for very long to speak with someone. Also, their support people were very knowledgeable.
  • Mesh network that works well for larger properties. Some networks may require you to have different networks names if you need multiple routers on a property, but Google Wifi (like some other wireless routers) uses a mesh network so even with a large property guests will see the same network across the property and have the same seamless experience connecting.
  • Good general uptime. This may be subjective but it doesn’t seem like it goes down as much as other wireless routers I’ve used.
  • Easy to set up. Google Wifi is super easy to set up and can be up and running in a matter of minutes. 
  • Aesthetically pleasing. It actually doesn’t look too bad and we don’t feel bad leaving it out in plain view of guests.  But I’ll caveat this by saying that we have had guests perform factory resets on wireless routers on many occasions so nowadays we hide them and even go as far as to put a sticker on them warning guests not to reset them.
  • Nice mobile app. The mobile app for Google Wifi is pretty damn good and super easy to use. It has all the information you need about your wireless network and its status in one easy and convenient place. No need to go to some random IP address when you’re logged on to the network with Google Wifi, you can just open up your mobile app and deal with most issues there.