There are so many reasons that people should have the right to rent their property short term as a vacation rental, but among the most compelling is all the good short term rentals are doing for disaster relief victims. 

Every year natural disasters like hurricane Dorian threaten the homes of people across the world and often lead to the displacement of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people who flee as their homes become unsafe or unusable. It is with these situations in mind that AirBnb created its OpenHomes program which allows vacation rental hosts to offer their property up to natural disaster victims, free of charge.  

Through programs like OpenHomes, hosts across the world are able to help people in their time of need by providing them with one of our most fundamental necessities, shelter.  However local municipalities across the country who aim to end the right to let people use a property short-term threaten everyone’s ability to help their fellow humans in need. Help keep short term rentals legal so hosts can continue to help those in need. According to Nashville’s WSMV News 4, “As of Monday evening, more than 1,100 Airbnb hosts in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee had volunteered to put people up for free.” If you or anyone you know is displaced by Hurricane Dorian, AirBnb OpenHomes is offering free temporary housing through September 16th: