Shopping for a sofa for your vacation rental seems pretty straightforward, right?  You just go out and find something at the right price that looks good in your space and voila! you’re done.  If only it were that simple. Price and aesthetics are important, for sure, but if that’s all you take into account then you’re in for a world of pain.  

Vacation rental furniture needs to stand up to more wear and tear than you may be used to in your own home, where you probably treat your own furniture more kindly than strangers would.  So there are some things you need to consider above and beyond just how it looks.


Yes you want something that’s comfortable but you also want something that can resist the wear and tear of guests.  Many sofas now come in stain-resistance fabrics which furniture stores often call, “performance fabrics” at a similar cost to non-stain-resistant fabrics.  These fabrics are just as comfortable and look great but will help to ensure you’re not replacing your sofa constantly. There are even a lot of outdoor sofas that are styled to look like they belong indoors, there are often called “indoor/outdoor sofas” and they utilize super-resistant fabrics like Sunbrella.  These outdoor sofas are super resistant to stains and fading from the sun because they have to be outside all the time. 

Seating Cushions

There are few things more annoying and uncomfortable than when a sofa starts to sag and unbeknownst to most sofa owners this is something that’s easy to fix and a dirty secret in the furniture industry.  You see, to keep furniture costs down manufacturers cut corners in places that the consumer can’t see, or can’t see right now. One of the big places this is done in sofas is in the seating cushions where a critical part of your comfort is the foam density.  The higher the foam density the longer the foam will last and so those inexpensive sofas use a lower foam density where the foam will break down and begin to sag much more quickly leaving you with an uncomfortable mess. Look for foam density of 1.8 or higher, with higher being better and longer lasting.  


While there are wonderful fabric cleaners on the market, there are some stains that just won’t completely come out.  This one may seem obvious but sometimes people just don’t think about it so we think it’s worth mentioning. Avoid colors that show stains easily, like white.  Even when you’re able to get stains out of white fabric there can still be some discoloration so just to be safe we always recommend going with a darker colored sofa.


We wrote a whole article about this but we always recommend having a sofa sleeper.  When people search for vacation rentals they usually filter by number of people a property accommodates and a sofa sleeper will allow you to accommodate two extra guests thereby making your property more valuable.

Removable Covers

Many sofas these days have the cushions stitched to the sofa and/or the fabric isn’t able to be removed from the cushions.  Finding a sofa that has removable cushion covers will allow you to more easily clean the cushions and even get replacements from the manufacturer or a local upholsterer.  It may seem trivial but being able to take off a cushion cover and throw it in the wash can be a huge convenience for your vacation rentals.