AirBnb has recently been inviting hosts to opt into a new marketing tool where they’ll be able to set their own custom URL for their listings.  In a post on Reddit’s airbnb_hosts community, user r/rodsmt/ posted a screenshot of the message he received inviting him to use the new feature when it becomes available to him on September 28th at 2 PM.

The new feature could help hosts to improve the organic search engine visibility of their listings by allowing them to incorporate relevant keywords into their listing’s URL.  Keywords in a URL has long been a relevancy factor considered by search engines when determining where a site should rank in the search results. This feature will not only assist hosts in improving their listing visibility, but it could also be a massive help to AirBnb as it allows hosts to optimize their AirBnb pages thereby improving AirBnb’s overall organic search traffic.  A win-win situation.