We spend a lot of time and resources making our properties look beautiful, turning them into gorgeous destinations where people can relax and forget about all of the stress in their life and enjoy themselves.  There’s definitely great value in having a well-designed and manicured property, but often times it’s the little things that really take a guest’s experience to the next level. Here are some things we do that surprise and delight guests and they don’t even cost very much!

  1. Chocolates on the pillows – We can spend tens of thousands of dollars remodeling and designing a property and invariably the number one thing guests mention in the reviews is the $.25 chocolates on their pillows.  It’s not because they care more about that then what the place looks like, it’s because they didn’t expect it and EVERYBODY loves chocolates!
  2. Bottles of water – They’re inexpensive and guests really do like to have some water to keep hydrated, especially after a long flight or a night out on the town.  Nothing beats a nice bottle of water.
  3. Bottle of wine – This always seems like a big deal to guests, many even ask me if it’s free, and yes we do give every guest a bottle of wine.  It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, in fact I recommend heading down to your local supermarket or Trader Joe’s and finding some bottles in the $5 range to check out, people love getting a bottle of wine.
  4. Luggage racks – It’s great when you can be comfortable anywhere and luggage racks are one of those things that just make a guest’s travel that much easier.  It’s kind of annoying to have to put your bags on the floor and luggage racks don’t take up very much room, so we make sure every room has a luggage rack in it.
  5. Lamps with plugs – Until we started getting lamps with plugs for our nightstands I can’t tell you how often we had things getting unplugged and not plugged back in.  Beyond that it’s always nice to have a place to plug in your phone to recharge near the bed and what better place that on the lamp. It’s convenient, doesn’t take up any space and the lamps with plugs in them are inexpensive.
  6. Frame Notes/notices/instructions – Do you put up your wifi password?  Or house rules? Or instructions on how to use something or where stuff is?  Instead of just leaving out or taping up a note, get a small frame and put the note in it.  It makes your place feel more clean and well… classy.
  7. Coffee – I’m not a coffee drinker myself but we always leave a few packets of ground coffee, creamer, and sugar for guests.  It’s inexpensive and most people enjoy a caffeine boost in the morning.
  8. Tea – For those who don’t drink coffee, have a nice selection of teas and go out and get a tea box to put them in just to add that extra element of class.  You’ll spend a few dollars but your guests will remember it.
  9. Guestbook – It’s neat to have a guestbook and pen for people to sign when they stay.  They can flip through it and see others who have stayed and what their experience was like.