Buying a mattress is a difficult task even if it’s for yourself and buying one for your vacation rental is even more difficult.  Mattresses are a huge industry and there’s very little transparency when it comes to the product. And when it comes to my vacation rentals, one of the things I get feedback on the most is the mattress, and it’s all positive.  That’s because we know people will spend more time in bed than just about anywhere else when they’re on vacation and when you’re vacationing one thing everyone desires is a good night’s sleep. So we don’t skimp on mattresses for our rentals, but we don’t waste money either.  You see, I spent time in the furniture industry and I picked up a bit of insider knowledge that has helped me to find a good mattress at a great price that our guests absolutely love. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Foam Density: This is how dense the foam used in the mattress is and it may seem like nitpicking to get into this detail but the more dense the foam is, the more quickly it will begin to collapse and sink in on itself leaving your guests with a sore back and a bad night’s sleep.  I recommend a foam density of at least 1.8 and ideally above 3. When you start to get above 3 then your mattress will hold it’s shape and comfort for years.
  • Comfort Level: In the mattress industry this is meant to represent the feel of the mattress and you can generally get a mattress in firm, medium and plush.  Firm mattresses are often more desirable to folks with back issues or a more slight builds as it will provide more support. A plush mattress will contour to your body more and is good for those with larger builds or side sleepers.  Medium will be right in the middle of the two and what we recommend as we find it to be most broadly appealing.
  • Type: Mattresses generally come in one of a few different types: memory foam, innerspring, or hybrid.  A memory foam mattress will be all memory foam, it will tend to be on the firmer side, and will run hot for those who sleep on it.  We generally don’t recommend all memory foam mattresses for vacation rentals but if you want to buy an all memory foam mattress then we suggest going with a higher foam density to it will last longer.  These mattresses tend to run hot because they are less breathable though so keep that in mind depending on where your property is. An innerspring mattress will come in either a Bonnell or individually wrapped coil.  The Bonnell coil is intertwined with other coils in the mattress meaning that when you apply pressure in one area of the mattress that motion will carry to other areas of the mattress while individually wrapped coils will help to prevent motion transfer and also provide better overall support.  We recommend individually wrapped coils whenever buying a mattress for a vacation rental if only because it will provide better support, is more comfortable, and will usually last much longer. Hybrid mattresses mix memory foam with inner springs and can provide great comfort and value by combining the best of both worlds. 
  • Gel: Lots of mattresses are putting gel infusions into their foam and it can be quite beneficial.  If your rental is in a warmer climate then consider a copper gel which can help to lower and disperse heat for those who sleep in it, thereby providing a cooler sleeping experience.  

So the next time you’re mattress shopping for your property, don’t skimp but don’t get ripped off.  Follow this simple guide and give your guests the slumber of their dreams.