Communicating with guests can be a pretty time consuming part of any vacation rental host’s day to day activities.  There are a million issues, questions, requests and more that can come up with any given guest. Luckily, platforms like AirBnb give you the option of saving messages to help cut down on the time your spend corresponding.  FIguring out which are the most important saved messages/responses to have can take months or even years, but luckily we’ve done all the leg work for you. We’ve sorted through all of our guests questions, comments, and concerns and come up with this list of saved responses for you to have that will cover the majority of your communication with guests. 

  1. Check in: This is the message welcoming any guest arriving that day and reminding them of how the check in process works.
  2. Welcome: Here’s where we welcome guests who have just checked in and reference the guide book, make sure everything is OK, and remind them about our noise and good neighbor policies.
  3. Check out: Same as check in but everything about check out.  When the check out time is, what they need to do upon leaving the unit, and anything else they might need to know.
  4. Accept a booking: Assuming there isn’t anything special about the booking, this would be just your standard acceptance.  It should include anything you want them to know about booking with you and ask them if they know their planned check in and check out times.
  5. Pre-approve a booking: This is your standard pre-approval of an inquiry. I also like to remind people that they have 24 hours to book and if they wait too long their dates can get booked by someone else.  
  6. Early/Late maybe: This response to someone who asks for an early check in or late check out lets them know that while we try to make it happen we won’t know until the night before as we won’t be sure until then if the unit gets booked out and the early check in or late check out isn’t possible.
  7. Early/Late no:  This let’s people know that an early check in or late check out isn’t possible.
  8. Payment processing error: Payment processing errors are common enough that we like to have a message ready to remind folks that there’s an issue and their booking isn’t confirmed until they deal with the problem.
  9. Recommendations: We like to have a message with some standard recommendations for food nearby and direction to look at our neighborhood guide.
  10. House rules:  Even though this is listed in multiple places we all know many guests neglect to read these things so we like to send a message highlighting the most important of the house rules as a reminder.
  11. House manual: We send this message for those guests who may have forgotten to read the house manual and need to know basic things like how to use our door locks or the internet.